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Font Subsetter

World's fastest and easiest font subsetting tool. And simply the best!

Subsetting allows you to embed only the characters that are actually used in a document instead of a full font file.

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Includes all available glyphs. Highly unrecommended and frankly why are you here?
Usually enough for English-only websites. Contains Basic Latin glyphs within the Unicode range U+0020 to U+007E. (95 glyphs)
Combine with Basic Latin to cover most European languages. Contains Latin glyphs within the Unicode range U+00A0 to U+00FF and the euro sign U+20AC. Includes punctuation, some currency symbols, numerals and common accented characters. (97 glyphs)
Some publishing platforms (such as WordPress) turn regular quotes and dashes into better looking ones, in which case you'll also need these glyphs. Includes a subset of Unicode General Punctuation. Some fonts may not support all of these characters. (13 glyphs)
For a complete list, see Cyrillic characters in Unicode. (up to 432 glyphs)
A refined selection of Cyrillic characters commonly used in the Russian language. (66 glyphs)
The whole Greek and Coptic Unicode block. For more information, see Greek in Unicode. (up to 144 glyphs)
Commonly used characters with diacritics. Combine with Basic Latin. For details, see Portuguese alphabet. (26 glyphs)
Armenian Alphabets. For more information, see Armenian in Unicode
Ethiopic Languages. For more information, see Ethiopic in Unicode
Arabic Language support. For more information, see Arabic in Unicode , Arabic Presentation Forms-A and Arabic Presentation Forms-B
Basic Latin uppercase letters (A-Z). (26 glyphs)
Basic Latin lowercase letters (a-z). (26 glyphs)
Basic Latin digits (0-9). (10 glyphs)
Basic Latin punctuation (!@#%...). (33 glyphs)
Currency symbols within the Unicode range U+20A0 to U+20CF. The dollar sign from Basic Latin and the cent, pound and yen signs from Latin-1 Supplement are also included. (about 22 glyphs)
Extended Latin glyphs within the Unicode range U+0100 to U+017F. (128 glyphs)
Extended Latin glyphs within the Unicode range U+0180 to U+024F. (208 glyphs)
Tamil Language characters support. For more information, see Tamil in Unicode
Devanagari Languages(including Hindi) characters support. For more information, see Devanagari in Unicode
Mongolian Language characters support. For more information, see Mongolian in Unicode
Full CJK characters support. Includes CJK Radicals , CJK Symbols and Punctuation , Enclosed CJK letters and months , CJK Compatibility characters , CJK unified Ideographs Extensions, CJK Unified Ideographs, CJK Compatibility Ideographs and CJK Compatibility Forms

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Currently your font upload file size limit is 400 kb ( ~0.4 MB). For verified users the limit is 1000 kb. For unregistered guest users the limit is 400 kb. For unverified registered users the limit is 400 kb. If you want more than these size limits consider upgrading your file size.

We have made the glyph selection very simple yet flexible. No more guess work! Simply mark the language subset you want to support and generate a subset with the appropriate glyphs.