Unicode Character Maps for Ethiopic

Unicode Character Map table for Ethiopic

Unicode character maps for Ethiopic covers the range 0x1200 - 0x137F

0x1200 0x1201 0x1202 0x1203 0x1204 0x1205 0x1206 0x1207
0x1208 0x1209 0x120A 0x120B 0x120C 0x120D 0x120E 0x120F
0x1210 0x1211 0x1212 0x1213 0x1214 0x1215 0x1216 0x1217
0x1218 0x1219 0x121A 0x121B 0x121C 0x121D 0x121E 0x121F
0x1220 0x1221 0x1222 0x1223 0x1224 0x1225 0x1226 0x1227
0x1228 0x1229 0x122A 0x122B 0x122C 0x122D 0x122E 0x122F
0x1230 0x1231 0x1232 0x1233 0x1234 0x1235 0x1236 0x1237
0x1238 0x1239 0x123A 0x123B 0x123C 0x123D 0x123E 0x123F
0x1240 0x1241 0x1242 0x1243 0x1244 0x1245 0x1246 0x1247
0x1248 0x1249 0x124A 0x124B 0x124C 0x124D 0x124E 0x124F
0x1250 0x1251 0x1252 0x1253 0x1254 0x1255 0x1256 0x1257
0x1258 0x1259 0x125A 0x125B 0x125C 0x125D 0x125E 0x125F
0x1260 0x1261 0x1262 0x1263 0x1264 0x1265 0x1266 0x1267
0x1268 0x1269 0x126A 0x126B 0x126C 0x126D 0x126E 0x126F
0x1270 0x1271 0x1272 0x1273 0x1274 0x1275 0x1276 0x1277
0x1278 0x1279 0x127A 0x127B 0x127C 0x127D 0x127E 0x127F
0x1280 0x1281 0x1282 0x1283 0x1284 0x1285 0x1286 0x1287
0x1288 0x1289 0x128A 0x128B 0x128C 0x128D 0x128E 0x128F
0x1290 0x1291 0x1292 0x1293 0x1294 0x1295 0x1296 0x1297
0x1298 0x1299 0x129A 0x129B 0x129C 0x129D 0x129E 0x129F
0x12A0 0x12A1 0x12A2 0x12A3 0x12A4 0x12A5 0x12A6 0x12A7
0x12A8 0x12A9 0x12AA 0x12AB 0x12AC 0x12AD 0x12AE 0x12AF
0x12B0 0x12B1 0x12B2 0x12B3 0x12B4 0x12B5 0x12B6 0x12B7
0x12B8 0x12B9 0x12BA 0x12BB 0x12BC 0x12BD 0x12BE 0x12BF
0x12C0 0x12C1 0x12C2 0x12C3 0x12C4 0x12C5 0x12C6 0x12C7
0x12C8 0x12C9 0x12CA 0x12CB 0x12CC 0x12CD 0x12CE 0x12CF
0x12D0 0x12D1 0x12D2 0x12D3 0x12D4 0x12D5 0x12D6 0x12D7
0x12D8 0x12D9 0x12DA 0x12DB 0x12DC 0x12DD 0x12DE 0x12DF
0x12E0 0x12E1 0x12E2 0x12E3 0x12E4 0x12E5 0x12E6 0x12E7
0x12E8 0x12E9 0x12EA 0x12EB 0x12EC 0x12ED 0x12EE 0x12EF
0x12F0 0x12F1 0x12F2 0x12F3 0x12F4 0x12F5 0x12F6 0x12F7
0x12F8 0x12F9 0x12FA 0x12FB 0x12FC 0x12FD 0x12FE 0x12FF
0x1300 0x1301 0x1302 0x1303 0x1304 0x1305 0x1306 0x1307
0x1308 0x1309 0x130A 0x130B 0x130C 0x130D 0x130E 0x130F
0x1310 0x1311 0x1312 0x1313 0x1314 0x1315 0x1316 0x1317
0x1318 0x1319 0x131A 0x131B 0x131C 0x131D 0x131E 0x131F
0x1320 0x1321 0x1322 0x1323 0x1324 0x1325 0x1326 0x1327
0x1328 0x1329 0x132A 0x132B 0x132C 0x132D 0x132E 0x132F
0x1330 0x1331 0x1332 0x1333 0x1334 0x1335 0x1336 0x1337
0x1338 0x1339 0x133A 0x133B 0x133C 0x133D 0x133E 0x133F
0x1340 0x1341 0x1342 0x1343 0x1344 0x1345 0x1346 0x1347
0x1348 0x1349 0x134A 0x134B 0x134C 0x134D 0x134E 0x134F
0x1350 0x1351 0x1352 0x1353 0x1354 0x1355 0x1356 0x1357
0x1358 0x1359 0x135A 0x135B 0x135C 0x135D 0x135E 0x135F
0x1360 0x1361 0x1362 0x1363 0x1364 0x1365 0x1366 0x1367
0x1368 0x1369 0x136A 0x136B 0x136C 0x136D 0x136E 0x136F
0x1370 0x1371 0x1372 0x1373 0x1374 0x1375 0x1376 0x1377
0x1378 0x1379 0x137A 0x137B 0x137C 0x137D 0x137E 0x137F

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