Unicode Character Maps for Cyrillic

Unicode Character Map table for Cyrillic

Unicode character maps for Cyrillic covers the range 0x0400 - 0x04FF

Ѐ0x0400 Ё0x0401 Ђ0x0402 Ѓ0x0403 Є0x0404 Ѕ0x0405 І0x0406 Ї0x0407
Ј0x0408 Љ0x0409 Њ0x040A Ћ0x040B Ќ0x040C Ѝ0x040D Ў0x040E Џ0x040F
А0x0410 Б0x0411 В0x0412 Г0x0413 Д0x0414 Е0x0415 Ж0x0416 З0x0417
И0x0418 Й0x0419 К0x041A Л0x041B М0x041C Н0x041D О0x041E П0x041F
Р0x0420 С0x0421 Т0x0422 У0x0423 Ф0x0424 Х0x0425 Ц0x0426 Ч0x0427
Ш0x0428 Щ0x0429 Ъ0x042A Ы0x042B Ь0x042C Э0x042D Ю0x042E Я0x042F
а0x0430 б0x0431 в0x0432 г0x0433 д0x0434 е0x0435 ж0x0436 з0x0437
и0x0438 й0x0439 к0x043A л0x043B м0x043C н0x043D о0x043E п0x043F
р0x0440 с0x0441 т0x0442 у0x0443 ф0x0444 х0x0445 ц0x0446 ч0x0447
ш0x0448 щ0x0449 ъ0x044A ы0x044B ь0x044C э0x044D ю0x044E я0x044F
ѐ0x0450 ё0x0451 ђ0x0452 ѓ0x0453 є0x0454 ѕ0x0455 і0x0456 ї0x0457
ј0x0458 љ0x0459 њ0x045A ћ0x045B ќ0x045C ѝ0x045D ў0x045E џ0x045F
Ѡ0x0460 ѡ0x0461 Ѣ0x0462 ѣ0x0463 Ѥ0x0464 ѥ0x0465 Ѧ0x0466 ѧ0x0467
Ѩ0x0468 ѩ0x0469 Ѫ0x046A ѫ0x046B Ѭ0x046C ѭ0x046D Ѯ0x046E ѯ0x046F
Ѱ0x0470 ѱ0x0471 Ѳ0x0472 ѳ0x0473 Ѵ0x0474 ѵ0x0475 Ѷ0x0476 ѷ0x0477
Ѹ0x0478 ѹ0x0479 Ѻ0x047A ѻ0x047B Ѽ0x047C ѽ0x047D Ѿ0x047E ѿ0x047F
Ҁ0x0480 ҁ0x0481 ҂0x0482 ҃0x0483 ҄0x0484 ҅0x0485 ҆0x0486 ҇0x0487
҈0x0488 ҉0x0489 Ҋ0x048A ҋ0x048B Ҍ0x048C ҍ0x048D Ҏ0x048E ҏ0x048F
Ґ0x0490 ґ0x0491 Ғ0x0492 ғ0x0493 Ҕ0x0494 ҕ0x0495 Җ0x0496 җ0x0497
Ҙ0x0498 ҙ0x0499 Қ0x049A қ0x049B Ҝ0x049C ҝ0x049D Ҟ0x049E ҟ0x049F
Ҡ0x04A0 ҡ0x04A1 Ң0x04A2 ң0x04A3 Ҥ0x04A4 ҥ0x04A5 Ҧ0x04A6 ҧ0x04A7
Ҩ0x04A8 ҩ0x04A9 Ҫ0x04AA ҫ0x04AB Ҭ0x04AC ҭ0x04AD Ү0x04AE ү0x04AF
Ұ0x04B0 ұ0x04B1 Ҳ0x04B2 ҳ0x04B3 Ҵ0x04B4 ҵ0x04B5 Ҷ0x04B6 ҷ0x04B7
Ҹ0x04B8 ҹ0x04B9 Һ0x04BA һ0x04BB Ҽ0x04BC ҽ0x04BD Ҿ0x04BE ҿ0x04BF
Ӏ0x04C0 Ӂ0x04C1 ӂ0x04C2 Ӄ0x04C3 ӄ0x04C4 Ӆ0x04C5 ӆ0x04C6 Ӈ0x04C7
ӈ0x04C8 Ӊ0x04C9 ӊ0x04CA Ӌ0x04CB ӌ0x04CC Ӎ0x04CD ӎ0x04CE ӏ0x04CF
Ӑ0x04D0 ӑ0x04D1 Ӓ0x04D2 ӓ0x04D3 Ӕ0x04D4 ӕ0x04D5 Ӗ0x04D6 ӗ0x04D7
Ә0x04D8 ә0x04D9 Ӛ0x04DA ӛ0x04DB Ӝ0x04DC ӝ0x04DD Ӟ0x04DE ӟ0x04DF
Ӡ0x04E0 ӡ0x04E1 Ӣ0x04E2 ӣ0x04E3 Ӥ0x04E4 ӥ0x04E5 Ӧ0x04E6 ӧ0x04E7
Ө0x04E8 ө0x04E9 Ӫ0x04EA ӫ0x04EB Ӭ0x04EC ӭ0x04ED Ӯ0x04EE ӯ0x04EF
Ӱ0x04F0 ӱ0x04F1 Ӳ0x04F2 ӳ0x04F3 Ӵ0x04F4 ӵ0x04F5 Ӷ0x04F6 ӷ0x04F7
Ӹ0x04F8 ӹ0x04F9 Ӻ0x04FA ӻ0x04FB Ӽ0x04FC ӽ0x04FD Ӿ0x04FE ӿ0x04FF

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