Unicode Character Maps for Latin Extended-B

Unicode Character Map table for Latin Extended-B

Unicode character maps for Latin Extended-B covers the range 0x0180 - 0x024F

ƀ0x0180 Ɓ0x0181 Ƃ0x0182 ƃ0x0183 Ƅ0x0184 ƅ0x0185 Ɔ0x0186 Ƈ0x0187
ƈ0x0188 Ɖ0x0189 Ɗ0x018A Ƌ0x018B ƌ0x018C ƍ0x018D Ǝ0x018E Ə0x018F
Ɛ0x0190 Ƒ0x0191 ƒ0x0192 Ɠ0x0193 Ɣ0x0194 ƕ0x0195 Ɩ0x0196 Ɨ0x0197
Ƙ0x0198 ƙ0x0199 ƚ0x019A ƛ0x019B Ɯ0x019C Ɲ0x019D ƞ0x019E Ɵ0x019F
Ơ0x01A0 ơ0x01A1 Ƣ0x01A2 ƣ0x01A3 Ƥ0x01A4 ƥ0x01A5 Ʀ0x01A6 Ƨ0x01A7
ƨ0x01A8 Ʃ0x01A9 ƪ0x01AA ƫ0x01AB Ƭ0x01AC ƭ0x01AD Ʈ0x01AE Ư0x01AF
ư0x01B0 Ʊ0x01B1 Ʋ0x01B2 Ƴ0x01B3 ƴ0x01B4 Ƶ0x01B5 ƶ0x01B6 Ʒ0x01B7
Ƹ0x01B8 ƹ0x01B9 ƺ0x01BA ƻ0x01BB Ƽ0x01BC ƽ0x01BD ƾ0x01BE ƿ0x01BF
ǀ0x01C0 ǁ0x01C1 ǂ0x01C2 ǃ0x01C3 DŽ0x01C4 Dž0x01C5 dž0x01C6 LJ0x01C7
Lj0x01C8 lj0x01C9 NJ0x01CA Nj0x01CB nj0x01CC Ǎ0x01CD ǎ0x01CE Ǐ0x01CF
ǐ0x01D0 Ǒ0x01D1 ǒ0x01D2 Ǔ0x01D3 ǔ0x01D4 Ǖ0x01D5 ǖ0x01D6 Ǘ0x01D7
ǘ0x01D8 Ǚ0x01D9 ǚ0x01DA Ǜ0x01DB ǜ0x01DC ǝ0x01DD Ǟ0x01DE ǟ0x01DF
Ǡ0x01E0 ǡ0x01E1 Ǣ0x01E2 ǣ0x01E3 Ǥ0x01E4 ǥ0x01E5 Ǧ0x01E6 ǧ0x01E7
Ǩ0x01E8 ǩ0x01E9 Ǫ0x01EA ǫ0x01EB Ǭ0x01EC ǭ0x01ED Ǯ0x01EE ǯ0x01EF
ǰ0x01F0 DZ0x01F1 Dz0x01F2 dz0x01F3 Ǵ0x01F4 ǵ0x01F5 Ƕ0x01F6 Ƿ0x01F7
Ǹ0x01F8 ǹ0x01F9 Ǻ0x01FA ǻ0x01FB Ǽ0x01FC ǽ0x01FD Ǿ0x01FE ǿ0x01FF
Ȁ0x0200 ȁ0x0201 Ȃ0x0202 ȃ0x0203 Ȅ0x0204 ȅ0x0205 Ȇ0x0206 ȇ0x0207
Ȉ0x0208 ȉ0x0209 Ȋ0x020A ȋ0x020B Ȍ0x020C ȍ0x020D Ȏ0x020E ȏ0x020F
Ȑ0x0210 ȑ0x0211 Ȓ0x0212 ȓ0x0213 Ȕ0x0214 ȕ0x0215 Ȗ0x0216 ȗ0x0217
Ș0x0218 ș0x0219 Ț0x021A ț0x021B Ȝ0x021C ȝ0x021D Ȟ0x021E ȟ0x021F
Ƞ0x0220 ȡ0x0221 Ȣ0x0222 ȣ0x0223 Ȥ0x0224 ȥ0x0225 Ȧ0x0226 ȧ0x0227
Ȩ0x0228 ȩ0x0229 Ȫ0x022A ȫ0x022B Ȭ0x022C ȭ0x022D Ȯ0x022E ȯ0x022F
Ȱ0x0230 ȱ0x0231 Ȳ0x0232 ȳ0x0233 ȴ0x0234 ȵ0x0235 ȶ0x0236 ȷ0x0237
ȸ0x0238 ȹ0x0239 Ⱥ0x023A Ȼ0x023B ȼ0x023C Ƚ0x023D Ⱦ0x023E ȿ0x023F
ɀ0x0240 Ɂ0x0241 ɂ0x0242 Ƀ0x0243 Ʉ0x0244 Ʌ0x0245 Ɇ0x0246 ɇ0x0247
Ɉ0x0248 ɉ0x0249 Ɋ0x024A ɋ0x024B Ɍ0x024C ɍ0x024D Ɏ0x024E ɏ0x024F

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